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Sealed Lead Acid 12V Battery Charger

Sealed Lead Acid 12V Battery Charger
Sealed Lead Acid 12V Battery Charger Schematic

There are a cardinal of credibility we allegation to awning about the affliction and use of Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

Firstly, these batteries allegation be charged, absolved and stored actual carefully.

We commonly anticipate batteries can be stored for months (if not years) and they will be accessible for actual use.

This is not the case with SLA batteries.

If you abundance a NEW, abounding answerable SLA array for 6 months or more, you will acquisition it may be absolutely discharged.

You may additionally acquisition you cannot allegation it!! It may be worthless.

That's how aerial SLA batteries are.

They allegation be answerable on a approved base to anticipate them absolution to a actual low voltage level.

If the terminal voltage of a SLA array is accustomed to go beneath 8v, a action alleged SULPHATION starts to awning the apparent of the plates and prevents the array actuality re-charged. The centralized attrition of the array increases and it becomes useless. See articles Sealed Lead Acid Array Charger on Amazon

Parts List of SLA Array Charger

2 - 1R8 0.5watt resistors

1 - 150R 0.25 watt resistor

1 - 180R

1 - 560R

1 - 1k5

3 - 2k2

1 - 3k3

1 - 4k7

1 - 8k2

1 - 1k mini trim pot

1 - 1n ceramic

2 - 47u 25v electrolytics

1 - 5mm red LED

4 - 1N4148 arresting diodes

1 - 10v 0.25watt zener

1 - BC 547 transistor

2 - BC557 transistors

1 - MCR100-6 SCR

1 - 1m red lead

1 - 1m atramentous lead

2 - alligator clips

1 - 2m actual accomplished solder

1 - SLA Array Charger PCB

Also required:

1 - 12v AC agent (500mA AC)

1 - ability lead

1 - case

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