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Low Cost Universal Charger Circuit Diagram

Here is the ambit diagram of a low amount accepted charger for NiCD - NiMH batteries. This ambit is Ideal for car use. It has adeptness to transform a mains adapter in to a charger . This one can be acclimated to allegation cellular phone, toys, portables, video batteries, MP3 players, ... and has selectable allegation current. An LED is amid in ambit to announce charging. Can be congenital on a accepted purpose PCB or a veroboard. I achievement you absolutely like it.

Low Cost Universal Charger Circuit Diagram Prt

R1 = 120R-0...5W
R2 = See Diagram
C1 = 220uF-35V
D1 = 1N4007
D2 = 3mm. LED
Q1 = BD135
J1 = DC Input Socket

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