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L200 Battery charger circuit

L200 Battery charger circuit
A actual simple array charger ambit accepting about-face polarity adumbration is apparent here.The ambit is based on IC L200 . L200 is a bristles pin capricious voltage voltage regulator IC.The charging ambit can be fed by the DC voltage from a arch rectifier or centermost broke rectifier.Here the IC L200 keeps the charging voltage constant.The charging accepted is controlled by the alongside aggregate of the resistors R2 & R3.The POT P1 can be acclimated to acclimatize the charging current.This ambit is advised to allegation a 12 V advance acerbic battery.The transistor t1,diode D3 and LED are acclimated to accomplish a array about-face indicator.In case the array is affiliated in about-face polarity ,the about-face polarity indicator red LED D5 glows.When the charging action is activity on the array charging indicator blooming LED D4 glows.
L200 Battery charger circuit


  • The circuit can be assembled on a good quality PCB or common board.
  • The values of R2 & R3 can be obtained from the equation,

(R2//R3) =( V5-2)/(Io).

Where V5 is the charging voltage (voltage at pin 5) and Io is the charging current.

  • The POT R8 can be used for fine adjustments of charging current.
  • If battery is connected in reverse polarity the RED LED will glow.
  • When the charging is going on the GREEN LED will glow.
  • The rectified input voltage to the charger can be 18V.

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