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LM317 Overvoltage Protection Circuit

It is a voltage regulator that allows a 6v carriageable accumulation to be acquired from the 12v car battery. You can add a 6.2V zener diode and a LED to acquaint you back the ascribe accumulation is overvoltage. If you could acquisition a broadcast that would accomplish from 6.2v appropriate up to 12v that you could affix in such a way that if over voltage occurred, again the broadcast would automatically about-face off the achievement preventing accident to any affiliated equipment.

Such a broadcast would be absolutely difficult to find, so I advised this, it is a simple two transistor ambit which will about-face off the achievement should the voltage accession aloft 6.2v (this can be afflicted by selecting a altered amount of zener diode ).

Components are as follows:

ZD1 =3D 6.2v Zener diode (you can change this to any value, the ambit will about-face off the achievement if the ascribe voltage raises aloft the amount of the zener diode)

R1 = 1K Resistor (this can be of any ability rating, it carries actual little power)

R2 = 1K Resistor (this can be of any ability rating, it carries actual little power)

T1 = Low ability NPN Transistor (BC108 or BC547 will do fine)

T2 = NPN transistor transistor able of switching the accessories you are active (BFY51 or BC140 can about-face 1 Amp, which is the best the voltage regulator ambit can handle)

It is appropriate to analysis this ambit with a voltmeter, boring accretion the voltage on the regulator ambit and accomplish abiding that this ambit switches off the achievement back the amount of the zener diode is reached, afore active in your big-ticket equipment. This ambit is advised to be acclimated with the voltage regulator acquaint by Matthew Hewson, my overvolatge add-on ambit is apparent with the aboriginal below:

LM317 Overvoltage Protection Circuit
LM317 Overvoltage Protection Circuit

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